Bling Bank

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Bling Bank
Bling Bank (Blingo).png
Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats
Card Description
Gain 4
Trigger when an enemy is killed
Card Art
Bling Bank.png

Bling Bank is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run.


The Bling Bank is a useful source of Bling.png Blings. If it is deployed early enough in a battle, the player can earn dozens of extra Blings per battle. In a pinch, it can also block a dangerous attack.

A card with Greed (gained with the Greed Charm.pngGreed Charm) can form a feedback loop by using the extra Blings to deal more damage, thus killing enemies even more efficiently and earning even more Blings.

Since the Bling Bank has a Reaction.png Reaction, it can gain Frenzy.png Frenzy and dispense multiple times as many Blings. This is simplest with Mama Tinkerson.png Mama Tinkerson, but other sources like Krono.png Krono also work. The Reaction also makes the Bling Bank eligible for Charms that inflict debuffs on hit, such as the Snowball Charm.pngSnowball Charm.


  • The Bling Bank has the same Reaction.png Reaction as Zula.png Zula.
  • The Bling Bank is the only card with a Reaction but no Attack.png attack stat.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Bling Bank When an enemy is killed, gain 4
Shǎn Yínháng
Flash Bank 一名敌人被击杀时,获得4
Flash Bank 敵人被擊殺時,獲得4
Korean 반짝이 은행
Banjjagi Eunhaeng
Bling Bank 적이 죽으면, 4 획득
Japanese ブリングバンク
Bling Bank 敵が倒された時に4 を得る