Blaze Bom

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Blaze Bom
Blaze Bom (Bumblebee).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats

Card Description
Add x1 Frenzy.png Frenzy
Apply 4 Bom.png Bom

Blaze Bom is an item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


The Blaze Bom is a high-risk, high-reward card. Adding Frenzy.png Frenzy to a card drastically boosts its damage, but inflicting so much Bom.png Bom makes most Companions die in just one or two hits, even those that have a lot of Health.png health. However, Bom has little impact on the longevity of Clunkers (the only effect of 4 Bom is that enemies with -3 Attack.png attack can hurt them), so an offensive Clunker can take good advantage. The Blaze Bom can also be used on an enemy to deal significantly more damage to it, but if the team cannot handle its extra Frenzy then it must be defeated before it can take advantage.

Notably, the Blaze Bom hits the targeted card, as it has an attack stat. As a result, if it is used on a card that has Bom already (such as a card that it was previously used on), it will deal damage to it.

Bom inflicted by the Blaze Bom can be Cleansed with Bonnie or Berry Basket, making it much safer to use. Recalling the affected card removes its Bom without affecting its Frenzy, but keep in mind the damage loss that comes from having to redraw and redeploy the card.

The Blaze Bom scales very well with things that boost its effects, such as the Cake Charm.png Cake Charm and Lumin Ring.png Lumin Ring. This will likely make the affected card die in a single hit no matter what, but the extra Frenzy can make up for it if used on the right card.