Sunburst Tootoo

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Sunburst Tootoo
Sunburst Tootoo (SunburstDart).png
Attack.png Attack
Other Stats

Card Description
Count down Counter.png Counter by 2
Card Art
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Sunburst Tootoo is an item players may accumulate over a run. It is a starting card in every Shademancer deck.


The Sunburst Tootoo has the same effect as the Snowdwellers' Sun Rod, but also hits the card for 1 damage in addition to counting down its Counter.png Counter. While this is generally a downside, it will activate on-hit effects like Shen and Tigris and can pick off weak enemies. Most enemy Clunkers have no Counter, so the Sunburst Tootoo can take 1 Scrap.png Scrap off of them in a pinch.

All Shades summoned with the Shade Wisp have only 1 Health.png health, so the Sunburst Tootoo will kill them and cannot be used to count down their Counters.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Sunburst Tootoo Count down Counter.png Counter by 2
Lièyáng Duǎndí
Sun Piccolo Counter.png 计数计数减少2
Lièyáng Duǎndí
Sun Piccolo Counter.png 計數計數減少2
Korean 눈부신 폭탄
Nunbusin Poktan
Dazzling Bomb 2만큼 Counter.png 카운터 카운트 감소
Japanese 日差しのトゥトゥ
Hizashi no Tutu
Sunshine Tootoo Counter.png カウント2カウントダウンする