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Shades, sometimes called summons, are cards created by other cards' abilities. They are generally similar to Companion cards, with some key differences.

Shades are unique in that they are not played from the hand to the field. Instead, a card or ability creates them on the field. To distinguish them from normal Companion cards, they have black cards that are hexagonal instead of rectangular. Mechanically, what sets Shades apart from Companions is the Summoned ability, which has two unique effects. The first is that a Summoned card cannot be recalled, as though it were Hogheaded (because Shades are not actually cards in the deck). The second is that a Shade loses 1 Health.png health at the end of the turn if it triggered that turn. This loss of health makes Shades' presence on the field inherently limited, but since they lose current health and not maximum health, they can be healed to improve their longevity.

A Shade only ever loses 1 health per turn if it triggers, regardless of how many times it triggers within that turn. This means that a Shade with Frenzy.png Frenzy, like Dregg, still only loses 1 health per turn when triggering. Shades that have no Counter.png Counter, such as Tigris, will never trigger and thus cannot lose health in this way.

Because Shades are summoned by other cards, any buffs or Charms applied to summoning cards will not apply to Shades summoned by those cards. A Shade is a separate card from the card used to summon it. The lone exception is the Faith ability granted by the Lamb Charm, which is an ability applied to a summoning card that makes its summon stronger. Since Shades are separate from their summoning cards, they also will never become injured due to the Bell of Death.

Multiple copies of the same Shade can exist simultaneously, though some summoning cards are Consumed when used.

Summoned Cards

All Shades have the keyword Summoned, preventing them from being recalled and causing them to lose 1 health when they trigger.

Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description Summon conditions
Beepop 1 When destroyed, apply 4 Overburn.png Overburn to the attacker Using Beepop Mask
Chikagoru 10 10 3 Sacrificing Chikashi
Chikani 4 4 3 When Sacrificed, summon Chikasan Sacrificing Chikichi
Chikasan 6 6 3 When Sacrificed, summon Chikashi Sacrificing Chikani
Chikashi 8 8 3 When Sacrificed, summon Chikagoru Sacrificing Chikasan
Dregg 4 5 5 x3 Frenzy.png Frenzy Egg is destroyed
Fallow 6 2 4 Barrage Using Fallow Mask
Junjun 3 2 3 Aimless Using Junjun Mask
Leech 5 2 3 Take 3 Health.png Health from all allies Using Leech Mask
Pom 7 While active, add Barrage to all enemies Using Pom Mask
Sheepopper 4 When destroyed, deal 8 damage to all allies Using Sheepopper Mask
Tigris 4 2 Teeth.png Teeth Gain 1 Teeth.png Teeth when hit, or an ally is hit Using Tigris Mask