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Other Stats

Card Description
Whenever anything is Shroom.png Shroom'd, double the amount and lose 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Card Art

Shroominator is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This card is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


The Shroominator's ability to double the Shroom.png Shroom inflicted on a card can drastically increase the amount of total damage dealt, and high enough Shroom can deal lethal damage in just a few turns. For instance, doubling the 4 Shroom from the Shroomine.png Shroomine will deal a whopping 19 damage within 3 turns. Since the Shroom doubling comes at the cost of the Shroominator's Scrap.png Scrap, it is most effective with a card like Fungun.png Fungun who can apply high stacks of Shroom at once, which can easily reach devastating levels when doubled. If paired with cards like Fulbert.png Fulbert or Wort.png Wort who apply low quantities of Shroom multiple times, the Shroominator will quickly lose Scrap for much smaller gains.

If multiple cards are Shroomed simultaneously (such as by the Spore Pack.png Spore Pack), the Shroominator activates for each one, doubling all affected cards' Shroom. This happens even if more cards are Shroomed than the Shroominator has Scrap; for instance, if the Spore Pack inflicts Shroom on 3 enemies while the Shroominator has 1 Scrap, it will still double the Shroom of all 3 enemies and is destroyed afterwards. This may be a bug.

If multiple Shroominators are on the field, only one of them activates when something is Shroomed.

Outside of a Shroom-focused deck, the Shroominator is notable for having a whopping 4 Scrap, the second-highest of any Clunker (behind Plinker.png Plinker, who also loses Scrap every turn). This allows it to simply block multiple strong hits for the team. However, be aware that the Shroominator triggers whenever the player's cards are inflicted with Shroom as well, which poses a problem in the fights with The Noxious Shrooms and Truffle.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Shroominator Whenever anything is Shroom.png Shroom'd, double the amount and lose 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Gūgū Zhōngjiézhě
Mushroom Terminator 有卡牌受到Shroom.png 毒菇时,失去1 Scrap.png 碎片,使其数值翻倍
Gūgū Zhōngjiézhě
Mushroom Terminator 任何卡牌受到Shroom.png 毒菇時,失去1 Scrap.png 碎片,使其數值翻倍
Korean 버섯종결자
Mushroom Terminator 아무나 Shroom.png 독버섯 상태에 걸리면, 그 양을 두 배로 늘리고 1 Scrap.png 폐목재 상실
Japanese シュルーミネイター
Shroominator 敵味方を問わずShroom.png シュルームになった時に、量を2倍にして1 Scrap.png スクラップを失う