Shade Wisp

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Shade Wisp
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Attack.png Attack

Other Stats

Card Description
Summon a copy of an enemy on your side with 1 Health.png Health
Card Art
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Shade Wisp is an item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Most (but not all) of the targeted enemy's characteristics are copied: the copy keeps all abilities, buffs, max Counter.png Counter, Frenzy.png Frenzy, and Attack.png attack. If the targeted enemy has Resist Snow.png Resist Snow, the copy also has it. However, there are several key differences between the copy and the original:

  • The copy does not keep any debuffs from the original.
  • Its Counter starts at its maximum amount, not at the copied enemy's current Counter.
  • Any boosts or reductions to its effects (indicated by its effect numbers becoming green or red) are not copied.
  • Its max Health.png health becomes 1.
  • It gains the Summoned ability.

The Shade Wisp cannot copy any enemy that takes up 2 zones (e.g. Infernoko.png Infernoko or Bamboozle.png Bamboozle). Clunkers have no health, so they also cannot be copied.

Since the copy only has 1 health, the Summoned ability will kill it at the end of the turn it triggers, unless its max health is increased. Picking an enemy to maximize the value of the Shade Wisp is somewhat difficult, as the copy only gets a single attack and must count down its Counter all the way (and the Sunburst Tootoo.png Sunburst Tootoo will kill it). Try to copy enemies that have Spice.png Spice, Shell.png Shell, Block.png Block, or Teeth.png Teeth to get more mileage out of the summon, although simply using it for a body to sacrifice or block an attack is perfectly viable.

Attaching the Lamb Charm.png Lamb Charm to the Shade Wisp gives it Faith 2, giving the copy slightly more attack and crucially allowing it to trigger 3 times before disappearing, instead of just once.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Shade Wisp Summon a copy of an enemy on your side with 1 Health.png Health
Glimpse 在我方场上召唤一张拥有1Health.png 生命值的一名敌人的复制牌
Glimpse 在我方場上召喚一張擁有1Health.png 血量的一名敵人的副本
Korean 셰이드 도깨비불
Syeideu Dokkaebibul
Shade Wisp 우리편에 적 하나의 복사본을 Health.png 체력1 상태로 소환함
Japanese シェイドのウィスプ
Sheido no Wisupu
Shade Wisp 1 Health.png 体力の敵のコピーを味方側に召喚する