Nom & Stompy

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Nom & Stompy
Nom & Stompy (GuardianGnome).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
10 10 10
Other Stats

Card Description
When a card is destroyed, count down Counter.png Counter by 1
Card Art
Nom & Stompy.png

Nom & Stompy are a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


Nom & Stompy are uniquely powerful, with high Health.png health and Attack.png attack but also a very long Counter.png Counter. However, as cards on either field or in hand are destroyed, their Counter counts down. Once they do finally activate, their huge damage is sure to put a dent in whatever they hit. As a result, they are most useful in a Recycle deck, although if they wind up in a Shademancer team as an injured Companion, they will also count down when Shades are destroyed or sacrificed.

Due to their high damage but long Counter, Nom & Stompy are best for breaking down enemies that punish the player for hitting them too many times, such as Paw Paw.png Paw Paw or Grumps.png Grumps. However, be sure to not waste Nom & Stompy's attack on something with Block.png Block or a Clunker.

The Sunglass Chime.png Sunglass Chime, Tootordion.png Tootordion, Punchfist Charm.png Punchfist Charm, and Spark Charm.pngSpark Charm allow Nom & Stompy to attack much earlier than normal. Anything that can boost Nom & Stompy's effects, such as Lupa.png Lupa and the Lumin Ring.pngLumin Ring, will cause them to count down significantly faster as well.


Nom is the name of the gnome, and Stompy is the Clunker.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Nom & Stompy When a card is destroyed, count down Counter.png Counter by 1
Nuòmǔ Yǔ Tuōmǔ
Norm And Tom 当有卡牌被摧毁时,Counter.png 计数计数减少1
Nuòmǔ Hé Tuōmǔ
Norm And Tom 當有卡牌被摧毀時,Counter.png 計數計數減少1
Korean 놈과 스톰피
Nomgwa Seutompi
Nom And Stompy 카드 한 장이 파괴되면, Counter.png 카운터 카운트를 1 감소
Japanese ノムとストンピー
Nomu to Sutonpī
Nom and Stompy カードが壊れるとCounter.png カウント1カウントダウンする