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Fungun (Fungoose).png
link=Health} Health link=Attack} Attack link=Counter} Counter
10 0 5
Other Stats

Card Description
Apply 2 link=Shroom} Shroom
Increase by 1 when hit

Fungun is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Fungun has a great health stat that cements their role as a defender. On top of this, the Shroom they inflict becomes more and more potent as they are hit. With health buffs, healing, or Shell, Fungun can inflict huge amounts of Shroom in a single hit.

Because Fungun inflicts so much Shroom in one go, the Shroominator makes it even deadlier without losing much Scrap. The Fungo Blaster helps prevent overkill by re-inflicting excess Shroom on new victims.

When their effects are buffed, Fungun will inflict more base Shroom. Buffs do not affect the amount gained when hit.