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Kobonker (Snowcracker).png
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1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
Trigger against anything that is hit with link=Snow} Snow

Kobonker is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This item is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Kobonker can be unlocked at the Inventor's Hut in Snowdwell by adding 3 Clunkers to a deck.


Kobonker serves as an extra source of attacks, like Mimik. However, Kobonker has more attack and its Reaction is different: it triggers whenever something is afflicted with Snow, and hits the afflicted card specifically. As a result, having a multitude of Snow cards is a must. The most powerful use case for Kobonker is in tandem with a card that can Snow multiple cards at once, such as a card with Barrage or Snoffel. Whenever multiple cards are Snowed at once, Kobonker triggers against each of them. Boosting Kobonker's attack or giving it Spice makes it significantly more effective.

It is important to keep in mind that if allied cards are Snowed, Kobonker will also trigger against them. When facing enemies that can inflict Snow, recall Kobonker before they can inflict it, or don't deploy it in the first place.