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Chikagoru (TailsOne).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
10 10 3
Other Stats

Card Description

Chikagoru is a Shade that the player can summon by sacrificing Chikashi. Chikagoru is the final form in the chain of Chikichi.

The stages of Chikichi includes the following:

  1. Chikichi
  2. Chikani
  3. Chikasan
  4. Chikashi
  5. Chikagoru


Chikagoru is a force to be reckoned with and a fitting reward for the effort required to summon it. It has a large amount of Health.png health and dishes out huge damage with a short Counter.png Counter, easily cleaning up any enemies left over by the time it is summoned.

Although Chikagoru has a lot of health and can take a good number of hits, it's still worthwhile to have other blockers ready. The preceding Shades are more expendable blockers since losing health makes them easier to sacrifice, but Chikagoru has nothing to offer when sacrificed. It also still has the Summoned ability that drains 1 health per attack. Try to only use Chikagoru to block in an emergency, or if the battle can be won before it dies.