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Blundertank (Junkmuncher).png
Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
2 5
Other Stats
Card Description
Trigger when Junk is destroyed
Card Art

Blundertank is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


The Blundertank is an excellent choice for Junk.png Junk-focused decks with Recycle. Cards with Recycle 1 effectively deal 5 extra damage, and cards with Recycle 2 effectively deal 10 extra. Any Junk destroyed by some other effect like the Forging Stove.png Forging Stove or the Mini Muncher.png Mini Muncher will also trigger it.

Avoid using both the Portable Workbench.png Portable Workbench and the Blundertank, as the goal is to destroy as much Junk as possible. The Portable Workbench's cost reduction is thus at odds with the Blundertank.

Toaster.png Toaster allows the player to Consume any and all Items in hand by playing them, including Junk. If the player has another Companion to incentivize them to play Junk, such as Mini Mika.png Mini Mika, Lupa.png Lupa, or Knuckles.png Knuckles, all played Junk will immediately Consume and trigger the Blundertank, getting even more value out of each play.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Blundertank Trigger when Junk is destroyed
Pánshān Tǎnkè
Staggering Tank 垃圾被摧毁时,触发
Liàngqiàng Tǎnkè
Staggering Tank 垃圾被摧毀時,觸發
Korean 블런더탱크
Blender Tank 쓰레기이/가 파괴될 시 발동
Japanese ブランダータンク
Blunder Tank ジャンクが壊れた時に発動する