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Bombom (Bombom).png
link=Health} Health link=Attack} Attack link=Counter} Counter
15 7 4
Other Stats
Card Description
Deal 5 damage to self and allies in the row

Bombom is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run.


Bombom is a high-damage Companion to a reckless degree, dealing fantastic Barrage damage at a good speed but hurting their own row as well as the enemies'. Relying on Bombom for damage necessitates game awareness and a smaller field presence, as ideally Bombom's row is completely empty to avoid hurting allies or Clunkers. Since Bombom will inevitably wear themself out after enough attacks, it's crucial to pair them with healing or link=Shell} Shell. Recalling them only recovers 5 link=health} health, enough for a single extra attack, and they still must be redrawn and redeployed, so healing and Shell are far preferable.

Bombom pairs extremely well with on-kill effects like Shelly, the link=Pinch Charm} Pinch Charm, the link=Cloudberry Charm} Cloudberry Charm, and the link=Shield Charm} Shield Charm. They can also work to sacrifice cards similarly to Monch, although their self-inflicted damage still limits the effectiveness of this strategy (and they do not gain the killed allies' stats like Monch does). They also do not instantly kill the row like Monch does and instead inflict a fixed amount of damage, so allies with enough health like Fallow, Chikasan, and Chikashi will survive.

Unlike Jumbo, Bombom's friendly fire does not count as a hit, so it will not interact with Smackback or link=Teeth} Teeth and will not inflict debuffs gained from Charms.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1.0: Damage to self and allies reduced from 6 to 5, link=Health} Health reduced from 20 to 16