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Sneezle (DrawPet).png
link=Health} Health link=Attack} Attack link=Counter} Counter
6 2 3
Other Stats

Card Description
1 when hit

Sneezle is a pet Companion, and the fourth available pet.


Buy 5 discounted items from The Woolly Snail.


Sneezle has enough link=health} health to take a few hits and draw new cards, especially when facing down enemies that deal low damage and attack quickly. With some healing, Sneezle can play a decent frontline role, but a proper answer to heavy-hitting enemies is still worth searching for. Sneezle's low link=attack} attack makes it generally unhelpful for damage, but its low link=Counter} Counter makes it decent for inflicting debuffs with Charms (though these Charms may still be better for stronger Companions).