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Peppering (Peppering).png
Attack.png Attack

Other Stats

Card Description
Apply 2 Spice.png Spice to all allies
Card Art

Peppering is an item players may accumulate over a run. This item is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


The Peppering works differently than most other Spice.png Spice-related cards. Instead of giving a large one-time boost to a single card, it gives a small one-time boost to all allied cards. This makes it ideal for taking down waves of enemies, as the lower Spice amount means that overkill is less likely. It still gives a decent damage boost against single enemies, though it becomes less and less effective the fewer allied cards can attack.

If the Pepper Flag is active, the Peppering becomes a strictly better version of the Molten Dip, allowing the player to gradually built up permanent Spice on the entire team. However, without the Pepper Flag, the Peppering is usually inferior to the Molten Dip.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Peppering Apply 2 Spice.png Spice to all allies
Málà Zhǐhuán
Spicy Ring 对所有友军施加2 Spice.png 辣椒
Málà Zhǐhuán
Spicy Ring 對所有隊友施加2 Spice.png 辣椒
Korean 피망반지
Green Pepper Ring 모든 아군에게 2 Spice.png 매운 고추 부여
Japanese ペッパーリング
Pepper Ring すべての味方に2 Spice.png スパイスを与える