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Other Stats

Card Description
When hit, deal equal damage to the attacker
Card Art

Bitebox is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run.


The Bitebox is essentially an upgraded Woodhead.png Woodhead, as it does nothing on the field and exists to take a hit. However, whatever hits it has their Attack.png attack turned back on them, which is very potent against high-damage enemies. It is especially notable against King Moko.png King Moko, who can gain incredible amounts of Spice.png Spice with his own effect.

Any effect that can give the Bitebox Block.png Block or extra Scrap.png Scrap makes it even more effective, allowing it to deal significant damage multiple times. With Shell.png Shell, it can deal smaller amounts of damage to attackers while preserving itself for a big hit.

The Bitebox deals damage at the exact same time that damage is dealt to it, similar to Teeth.png Teeth. This means that an enemy with an on-trigger ability, such as Berry Witch.png Berry Witch and Shell Witch.png Shell Witch, will not get the chance to activate that ability if it is killed by the Bitebox's damage.

Having the Bitebox be inflicted with Demonize.png Demonize allows it to double the damage it sends back to the attacking card while still only losing 1 Scrap.

Damage that is not direct attack damage will not cause the Bitebox to damage anything. For instance, Bombom.png Bombom's friendly fire damage will not cause the Bitebox to hurt them, but Jumbo.png Jumbo's friendly attack will.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Bitebox When hit, deal equal damage to the attacker
Lìchǐ Hé
Sharp Tooth Box 受到攻击时,对攻击者造成相同伤害
Lìchǐ Hé
Sharp Tooth Box 受到攻擊時,對攻擊者造成相等傷害
Korean 물어뜯는 상자
Mureotteutneun Sangja
Biting Box 피격 시, 공격자에게 동등한 피해를 입힘
Japanese カミツキ箱
Bitebox 攻撃された時、攻撃者に同じだけのダメージを与える