Woolly Drek

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This page about the enemy. For the similarly named combat, see The Wooly Drek.
Woolly Drek
Woolly Drek Card.png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
28 3 5
Other Stats
Card Description
Eat and Absorb a random ally
Card Art
Woolly Drek.png

Woolly Drek is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run in the similarly-named combat The Wooly Drek.


The Woolly Drek is a huge threat throughout the entire fight, as it will gobble up one of its allies after it attacks and gain their Health.png health, Attack.png attack, and abilities. If it gets the chance to eat a Bigfoot.png Bigfoot or Paw Paw.png Paw Paw, it becomes significantly harder to defeat. Try to take out the most threatening snacks the Woolly Drek could have, and prepare expendable Clunkers and Shades for when its attack inevitably grows to a dangerous level. Alternatively, Ink.png Inking it early in the fight will prevent it from eating anything to raise its stats, with the added benefit of negating all the effects it's gained. However, Ink will not remove any stat boosts it gained from before it became Inked.


  • Cards eaten by the Woolly Drek drop no Bling.png Blings.
  • The Woolly Drek will never attempt to eat a miniboss or boss, so it will not eat Bigloo.png Bigloo. However, it also will never eat a Leader, so a copy summoned with Spoof.png Spoof or the Shade Wisp.png Shade Wisp will not be at risk of eating the Leader.
  • If the Woolly Drek eats a Gobling.png Gobling, it will begin dropping Blings when hit and will flee after its next attack.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Woolly Drek Eat and Absorb a random ally
Máo Dékè
Maudek 吞食并 吸收一名随机友军
Máo Dékè
Maudek 吃掉並 吸收一名隨機隊友
Korean 울리 드렉
Ulri Deurek
Woolly Drek 무작위의 아군을 잡아먹고 흡수
Japanese ウーリードレック
Woolly Drek 味方1体をランダムに食べて キュウシュウする