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Peppereaper (Peppereaper).png
Attack.png Attack
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Card Description
Apply 4 Spice.png Spice
Card Art

Peppereaper is an item players may accumulate over a run. This item is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


The Peppereaper is a simple but effective source of Spice.png Spice, giving less Spice than the Dragon Pepper.png Dragon Pepper but without Consume. However, since it deals 1 damage, it cannot give Spice to other Items. It also cannot be used too many times on a single Companion unless they are healed, especially since some offensive Companions that are prime targets for the Peppereaper have very low Health.png health, such as Foxee.png Foxee and Tiny Tyko.png Tiny Tyko. Depending on the deck, this hit may actually be a blessing in disguise, activating on-hit effects of Companions like Fungun.png Fungun and Sneezle.png Sneezle. In a pinch, it can also finish off enemies that are at 1 health or break down Clunkers.


A pepper is visible where Charms would be attached to the Peppereaper. The Peppereaper is actually a long scythe, but most of its artwork is covered by its text box. (Expand the Card Art on the infobox to see it fully!)


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Peppereaper Apply 4 Spice.png Spice
Málà Bǎojiàn
Spicy Sword 施加4 Spice.png 辣椒
Málà Bǎojiàn
Spicy Sword 施加4 Spice.png 辣椒
Korean 죽음의 피망
Jugeumui Pimang
Green Pepper Of Death 4 Spice.png 매운 고추 부여
Japanese ペッパー鎌
Peppā Kama
Pepper Sickle 4 Spice.png スパイスを与える