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Jumbo (Klutz).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
13 1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
Also hits ally behind

Jumbo is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run.


Jumbo has very weak Attack.png attack but also a low Counter.png Counter and Barrage. This makes them able to fit into several deck archetypes, depending on the cards available. They can be placed ahead of Companions like Fungun, Shen, and Biji to hit them for 1 damage and increase their effects, they scale very well with Spice.png Spice and attack boosts to dish out real damage to enemies, and they're a prime candidate for Charms that inflict debuffs. They also have a large amount of Health.png health, allowing them to take hits on the front line, but be aware of the card behind them. When Jumbo isn't on the front line, place them at the back of the row or alone in the row so that there is nothing behind them to hit.