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The Counter.png Counter is a stat that most Companions and enemies have, as well as some Clunkers. It indicates how many turns must pass before the card can trigger.

Information and Strategy

Every turn, each card's Counter counts down by 1, with enemies counting down first. When a card's Counter reaches 0, it triggers. This causes it to attack (if it has an Attack.png attack stat) and use its abilities (if any), then its Counter is reset to its max value. If a card has Snow.png Snow, its Counter cannot count down by any means, making Snow hugely valuable for stalling dangerous enemies.

Counter Interactions

If a card or effect such as the Sun Rod causes a card's Counter to reach 0 before the natural countdown for the turn, that card will trigger immediately and reset its Counter before the turn countdown. Because the card triggers before the turn countdown, its Counter still will count down for the turn. For instance, using the Sun Rod on Foxee when Foxee's Counter is at 2 will cause Foxee to attack immediately and reset their Counter to 3, and then during the turn countdown their Counter will count down to 2. If multiple cards' Counters reach 0 simultaneously (possible with the Sunlight Drum), those cards trigger in the normal turn order.

A Snowed card will only count down its Snow at the end of the turn if the card experienced the turn countdown while it was Snowed. This means that if a Companion inflicts Snow on an enemy, that enemy's Snow will not count down until the end of the next turn, since the enemy experienced the turn countdown before it became Snowed by the Companion.

A card's maximum Counter can be modified in a few ways, such as with Suncream, the Sun Charm.png Sun Charm, and the Balance Charm.png Balance Charm. However, it cannot be lower than 1.


See Reaction.png Reaction.

Some cards have Reactions that allow them to bypass their Counter and trigger when certain conditions are met. In some cases, cards with Reactions don't even have Counters and thus cannot trigger at all outside the Reaction.

If a card has both a Counter and a Reaction (such as a card with a Counter that has the Punchfist Charm.png Punchfist Charm attached), triggering by the Reaction will not reset its Counter. This is also true if the card is triggered by an external source such as the Tootordion or Sunglass Chime.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Jì shù
Jì shù
Korean 카운터
Japanese カウント

Cards and effects that interact with Counter

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