Winter Worm

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Winter Worm
Winter Worm Card.png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
10 8 6
Other Stats

Card Description
When hit, reduce Attack.png Attack by 1
Card Art
Winter Worm.png

Winter Worm is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run. It appears in the fights with The Snowbo Squad and Bamboozle.


While Winter Worms boast an impressive Attack.png attack stat and high Health.png health, they are extremely slow to attack and lose strength each time they are hit by anything. Even just passively stalling them with Snow.png Snow-inflicting Companions or Items will lower their attack. Their slowness also makes it easy to find a Clunker or Shade to block them.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Winter Worm When hit, reduce Attack.png Attack by 1
Xuě Chóngchóng
Snow Worms 受到攻击时,Attack.png 攻击降低1
Snow Bug 受到攻擊時,Attack.png 攻擊降低1
Korean 겨울 벌레
Gyeoul Beolre
Winter Bugs 피격 시, Attack.png 공격1 감소
Japanese ウィンターウォーム
Wintā Wōmu
Winter Worm 攻撃された時、Attack.png アタック1減らす