Mega Mimik

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Mega Mimik
Mega Mimik (MegaMimik).png
Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
3 5
Other Stats
Card Description
Trigger when an ally in the row attacks
Lose 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Card Art
Mega Mimik.png

Mega Mimik is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. It also appears as an enemy in the Eye of the Storm.


Mega Mimik can be unlocked at the Inventor's Hut in Snowdwell by applying 60 Shell.png Shell.


The Mega Mimik is the beefier version of the Mimik.png Mimik, dealing considerably more damage and boasting more Scrap.png Scrap. However, it is also more limited, as it loses Scrap each time it attacks. This is still a worthwhile tradeoff, as the Mega Mimik can deal a lot of damage very quickly and has good Scrap for emergency tanking. It also has the highest Attack.png attack of all generic Clunkers, making it an easy and expendable sacrifice for the Skullmist Tea.png Skullmist Tea and Forging Stove.png Forging Stove.


  • 1.0: Added. Triggers when an ally attacks
  • 1.0.6: Now triggers when an ally in the row attacks

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Mega Mimik Trigger when an ally in the row attacks
Lose 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Jùrén Ǒu
Giant Doll 一名同排友军攻击时,触发
失去1 Scrap.png 碎片
Jùrén Ǒu
Giant Doll 一名同一排的隊友攻擊時,觸發
失去1 Scrap.png 碎片
Korean 거대 따라쟁이
Geodae Ttarajaengi
Giant Copycat 같은 줄에 있는 아군이 공격 시 발동
1 Scrap.png 폐목재 상실
Japanese メガミミック
Mega Mimik 列に含まれる味方の攻撃時に発動する
1 Scrap.png スクラップを失う