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Leech (Leech).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
5 2 3
Other Stats
Card Description
Take 3 Health.png Health from all allies

Leech is a Shade summoned with the Leech Mask.


Leech has the uncommon aspect of being summoned as an enemy, meaning the player must take care when considering its placement. Leech does have Attack.png attack and will deal damage, but the player also needs to avoid accidentally killing Leech before it can be useful. Since Leech is summoned as an enemy, it steals Health.png health from all other enemies, since they are its allies. With each attack, it decreases each other enemy's health by 3 and increases its own health by that total amount. This does not affect Clunkers, as they have no health. Leech's effect is particularly noteworthy in that it does not actually damage the enemies, instead directly modifying their health. This means that it completely bypasses Block.png Block and Shell.png Shell, but will also not be increased by Demonize.png Demonize or Bom.png Bom.

Players will want to watch who their cards target to prevent accidentally killing Leech too early. Barrage and Overburn.png Overburn can prematurely kill it if the player is careless. However, keeping Leech's health in check may still be a good idea, as having a Miniboss enter the battle behind a well-fed Leech might cause problems if it takes too long to break down Leech to reach the miniboss. A card with Yank like the Grabber can help fix this problem.

As with all other cards that summon units to the enemy field, Leech can be used to halt enemy reinforcements by taking up an otherwise-available space on the board.

Leech is a surprisingly good target for The Lumin Vase, stealing 6 health from all enemies per attack. Make sure to have enough damage on hand to break down Leech if necessary, however.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1.0: Effect increased from 2 to 3