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Attack.png Attack
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Card Description
Killing an enemy counts as Sacrificing an ally
Card Art

Bonescraper is an Item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


The Bonescraper has strong Attack.png attack and enables sacrifice strategies like Groff.png Groff and Devicro.png Devicro as an added bonus. Some Shademancer Leaders gain attack whenever allies are killed, and killing an enemy with the Bonescraper will also count towards their effects. Even without any sacrifice synergies, however, the pure damage alone can make the Bonescraper worthwhile to pick up.

Enemies that have an effect when they are killed (such as Moko Head.png Moko Head and Sheepopper.png Sheepopper) will still properly register other enemies as their allies and apply their effects appropriately. However, since the killed card is treated as the player's ally, other enemies will not recognize the killed card as their ally. This prevents effects like Gobbler.png Gobbler and Infernoko.png Infernoko from activating. However, effects that do not care about a destroyed card's location (such as Gunk Gobbler.png Gunk Gobbler) will activate normally, since those effects activate whenever a card on either field is destroyed.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Description
English Bonescraper Killing an enemy also counts as Sacrificing an ally
骨骨刀 击杀一名敌人同时视为献祭一名友军
骨骨刀 擊殺一名敵人也算是獻祭一名隊友
Korean 본스크래퍼 적을 죽였을 때 아군 희생 판정 적용
Japanese ボーンスクレイパー 敵を倒すと同時に味方一人をギセイにする