Totem of the Goat

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Totem of the Goat
Totem of the Goat (TotemOfTheGoat).png
link=Scrap} Scrap link=Attack} Attack link=Counter} Counter

Other Stats

Card Description
Before an enemy attacks, apply 1 link=Demonize} Demonize to them

Totem of the Goat is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run.


The Totem of the Goat can dramatically increase a deck's damage output, with the potential to Demonize any and all enemies. However, it is completely reactive, since the enemy must attack to become afflicted with Demonize. As a result, the Totem of the Goat is not very useful for hyper-offensive decks, as enemies may not get a chance to attack. Instead, it is a valuable tool to boost the damage output of defensive decks that may be lacking in damage potential.

The Totem of the Goat is especially useful for cards that have Teeth or Smackback, doubling the damage that the attacker suffers.