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Clunkers are machine-like cards similar to Companions in being able to attack, defend, and have special abilities. They are unique in using scrap instead of the standard hearts, and will only lose 1 scrap if 1 or more damage is taken. This makes them great at surviving high-damage hits that would take out a Companion or the leader, or at absorbing debuffs instead of another card.

Clunkers can be played anywhere on the board and moved around freely like any other Companion, and they can be recalled. However, a Clunker will not heal scrap when recalled. One can still apply buffs/debuffs as normal with mostly normal behavior. Exceptions include: Shrooms will only deal 1 scrap damage regardless of the number stacked, and Overburn will always trigger as health hearts and scrap are not exchangeable.

Collecting Clunkers

In Snowdwell, Clunkers are unlocked from the Inventor's Hut, after it finishes construction. Players can view unlocked Clunkers there and see what challenges are available for the next unlock.

Throughout a run, Clunkers can be collected through Treasure Chest events. They will appear in a lineup with other items and Clunkers, where the player has the option to choose 1 card to add to their deck. This choice does not affect the cards found later in the run.

Clunker Cards

Image Card Name Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description Tribe-exclusive?
Bitebox 1 When hit, deal equal damage to the attacker All
Bling Bank.png
Bling Bank 1 When an enemy is killed, gain 4 All
Blundertank 2 5 Trigger when Junk is destroyed Clunkmasters
Bombarder 1 0 Trigger against anything that is hit with link=Bom} Bom Clunkmasters
Fungo Blaster.png
Fungo Blaster 1 When a link=Shroom} Shroom'd enemy dies, apply their link=Shroom} Shroom to a random enemy Snowdwellers
Gachapomper 1 While active, add to allies in the row Clunkmasters
Haze Balloon.png
Haze Balloon 1 When destroyed, apply 1 link=Haze} Haze to the attacker and double their link=Attack} Attack Clunkmasters
Heartforge 1 When an ally is healed, apply double link=Spice} Spice Snowdwellers
Heartmist Station.png
Heartmist Station 1 When an ally is hit, restore their link=Health} Health by 1 All
I.C.G.M 3 10 13 Before triggering, gain link=Frenzy} Frenzy equal to link=Scrap} Scrap
Destroy self
Junkhead 3 1 when hit Clunkmasters
Kobonker 1 3 Trigger against anything that is hit with link=Snow} Snow Snowdwellers
Krono 1 While active, add x1 link=Frenzy} Frenzy to allies without All
Mega Mimik.png
Mega Mimik 3 5
Trigger when an ally in the row attacks
Lose 1 link=Scrap} Scrap
Mimik 1 2 Trigger when an ally in the row attacks All
Mobile Campfire.png
Mobile Campfire 1 While active, add +3 link=Attack} Attack to allies in the row Snowdwellers
Moko Totem.png
Moko Totem 2 0 x5 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Trigger when link=Spice} Spice reaches 10
Destroy self
Pepper Flag.png
Pepper Flag 1 While active, all allies retain link=Spice} Spice Snowdwellers
Plinker 5 2 1 Lose 1 link=Scrap} Scrap Clunkmasters
Portable Workbench.png
Portable Workbench 1 While active, all effects require 1 less Junk Clunkmasters
Shroominator 4 Whenever anything is link=Shroom} Shroom'd, double the amount and lose 1 link=Scrap} Scrap Snowdwellers
Shroomine 1 When hit, apply 4 link=Shroom} Shroom to the attacker Snowdwellers
Spice Sparklers.png
Spice Sparklers 1 While active, add +3 link=Attack} Attack to Items in your hand Snowdwellers
Sunglass Chime.png
Sunglass Chime 1 When destroyed, trigger all allies Clunkmasters
Tootordion 3 3 Trigger a random ally
Lose 1 link=Scrap} Scrap
Totem of the Goat.png
Totem of the Goat 1 Before an enemy attacks, apply 1 link=Demonize} Demonize to them All
Woodhead 1 Does nothing, but will take a hit for you :) Snowdwellers