Portable Workbench

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Portable Workbench
Portable Workbench (Bonfire).png
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Other Stats

Card Description
While active, all Recycle effects require 1 less Junk
Card Art
Portable Workbench.png

Portable Workbench is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


The Portable Workbench makes paying Recycle costs easier, requiring less Junk.png Junk generation to use Recycle cards. This means that cards with Recycle 1 such as Sunsong Box.png Sunsong Box and Suncream.png Suncream can be played without any Junk in hand. However, if a deck's Junk generation and consumption are already reasonably balanced, the Portable Workbench will throw off that balance and cause Junk to accumulate. Additionally, cards that benefit from Junk destruction, such as Kreggo.png Kreggo, Nom & Stompy.png Nom & Stompy, and Blundertank.png Blundertank. will become less effective.

Boosting the Portable Workbench's effects with the Lumin Ring.pngLumin Ring or some other card or effect makes all Recycle cards playable without any Junk, as no card naturally has a Recycle cost more than 2.


  • 1.0: Added. Description read: While active, add +3 Attack.png Attack to all Junk in your hand
  • 1.1.0: Effect changed to: While active, Recycle effects require 1 less Junk

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Portable Workbench While active, all Recycle effects require 1 less Junk
Yídòng Gōngzuòtái
Mobile Workbench 在场时,所有 回收效果所需的垃圾减少1
Yídòng Gōngzuò Tái
Mobile Workbench 在場時,所有 回收效果所需的垃圾減少1
Korean 휴대용 작업대
Hyudaeyong Jageopdae
Portable Workbench 전장에 있는 동안, 모든 재활용 효과의 쓰레기 비용 1 감소
Japanese ポータブル作業台
Pōtaburu Sagyoudai
Portable Workbench 場にある間、 リサイクルに必要なジャンク1少なくなる