Gigi's Gizmo

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Gigi's Gizmo
Gigi's Gizmo (Juicepot).png
Attack.png Attack

Other Stats

Card Description
Add 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Recycle 1
Draw 2
Card Art
Gigi's Gizmo.png

Gigi's Gizmo is an item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


Gigi's Gizmo is basically an advanced version of the Scrap Pile.png Scrap Pile. It has the identical effect of granting 1 Scrap.png Scrap, but it also has the Recycle keyword that restricts when it can be played. The Draw 2 ability makes it better than the Scrap Pile in terms of card advantage, drawing to replace the destroyed Junk and itself. The Clunkmasters have many Clunkers that use their own Scrap as a resource, such as Plinker.png Plinker and Tootordion.png Tootordion, so Gigi's Gizmo extends their lifespans a bit. Alternatively, the extra Scrap can be simply used to block a threatening attack.

Since Gigi's Gizmo only has Recycle 1, the Portable Workbench.png Portable Workbench allows it to be played with no Junk at all to draw 2 cards with no restrictions. The Portable Workbench itself is a valid target for the Scrap as well, so Gigi's Gizmo will always be playable.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Gigi's Gizmo Add 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Recycle 1
Draw 2
Jíjí Xiǎofāmíng
Jiji Gizmo 增加1 Scrap.png 碎片
回收 1
抽取 2
Jíjíxiǎo Fāmíng
Jiji Gizmo 增加1 Scrap.png 碎片
回收 1
抽牌 2
Korean 기기의 작은 물건
Gigiui Jageun Mulgeon
Gigi's Small Items 1 Scrap.png 폐목재 추가
재활용 1
카드 뽑기 2
Japanese ギギの道具
Gigi no Dougu
Gigi's Tools 1 Scrap.png スクラップを追加する
リサイクル 1
ドロー 2