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Slapcrackers (Slapcrackers).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats
x4 Frenzy.png Frenzy
Card Description

Slapcrackers is an item players may accumulate over a run.


The Slapcrackers can serve a couple purposes, depending on the player’s team and what Charms they pick up. For Companions that gain benefits when hit, such as Fungun, Tiny Tyko (with Health or Shell buffs), Shen, and Biji, the Slapcrackers can boost their effects considerably at the cost of some health, although a Heartmist Station or Cursed Crown can negate the damage. Any Charms that apply on-hit effects like the Snowball Charm and Bom Charm are useful for potentially spreading the statuses across a row. Finally, anything that gives the Slapcrackers Spice or extra attack makes them deal dramatically more damage. The Durian Charm in particular is incredibly strong for the Slapcrackers, dealing a whopping 20 damage with no drawbacks.

When using the Slapcrackers offensively, avoid using them on enemies that have effects when hit, such as Grumps and Paw Paw.