King Moko

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King Moko
King Moko (MonkeyKing).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
80 10 7
Other Stats
Card Description
When hit, apply 3 Spice.png Spice to everyone in the battle

King Moko is a Miniboss type enemy that the player can encounter in the fight against The Spice Mokos.

As of v1.1.0, activating the Titan Bell will cause an upgraded version of it to spawn with a Sun Charm.


King Moko is an absolutely terrifying sight to behold; 80 health, 10 power and 5 attacks. There is almost no surviving King Moko's onslaught, so you'll typically have to prevent it from happening altogether.

The key to defeating King Moko is using his when hit ability against him; hit King Moko as many times as you possibly can, then use the spice gained from his on hit ability to hit as hard as you can. An ally with Frenzy can make this fight significantly easier, as they both trigger the on hit often and gain extra benefit from the spice.

Keep in mind King Moko's allies also benefit from the Spice gained by hitting him. Either get rid of them first, or use clunkers or shades to block them.