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Shellbo (Shellbo).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats

Card Description
Apply 5 Shell.png Shell

Shellbo is an item players may accumulate over a run. This item is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Shellbo gives a net 3 effective health to the row (5 Shell.png Shell minus the 2 damage it deals), making it significantly more effective than other similar cards like Pinkberry Juice or Shell Shield. However, because it deals damage before the Shell is applied, it will kill anything in the row with 2 or less effective health and will consume Scrap.png Scrap and Block.png Block. This makes it impractical for protecting Clunkers, Companions at low Health.png health, or cards that have gained Block. However, in niche situations, it can be used to pick off weak enemies or destroy enemy Clunkers, at the cost of giving Shell to anything in the row that survives.

Companions like Fungun and Biji get even more value out of Shellbo, as their stats go up anytime they are hit.