Paw Paw

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Paw Paw
Paw Paw Card.png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
10 1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
When hit, gain 2 Teeth.png Teeth
Card Art
Paw Paw.png

Paw Paw is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run. It appears in the fights with The Wooly Drek and The Toothy Shades.


Since Paw Paws gain Teeth.png Teeth when hit by anything, high damage is the best way to deal with them. If possible, allow Companions to get the first hits on them when they have low Teeth, then finish them off with Items. Indirect sources of damage like Shroom.png Shroom and Overburn.png Overburn (or allied cards with Teeth) also can dramatically reduce the amount of Teeth damage taken.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Paw Paw When hit, gain 2 Teeth.png Teeth
Chǐ Miāo Miāo
Tooth Meow 受到攻击时,获得2 Teeth.png 利齿
Chǐ Miāo Miāo
Tooth Meow 受到攻擊時,獲得2 Teeth.png 利齒
Korean 파우 파우
Pau Pau
Paw Paw 피격 시, 2 Teeth.png 이빨 획득
Japanese ポウポウ
Paw Paw 攻撃された時に2 Teeth.png カミツキを得る