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Spike (Jagzag).png
link=Health} Health link=Attack} Attack link=Counter} Counter

Other Stats
2 link=Teeth} Teeth
Card Description

Spike is a pet Companion can be unlocked, and the fifth available pet.


Kill 10 enemies with link=Teeth} Teeth.


Spike is a purely defensive Companion, with no link=attack} attack or link=Counter} Counter. Instead, it uses link=Teeth} Teeth to punish anything that attacks it. This is extremely valuable in the early game when many enemies have low link=health} health; for instance, Pengoons and Baby Snowbos die in one hit and Snowbos die in two. However, Spike's Hogheaded means that every point of damage it takes is permanent if not healed, making it generally unhelpful in the late game when many enemies can inflict 5+ damage in a single hit. If Spike does have proper support from healing, link=Shell} Shell, or link=Frost} Frost, though, it can be effective throughout an entire run.