Azul Skull

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Azul Skull
Azul Skull (ZapOrb).png
Attack.png Attack
Other Stats

Card Description
Kill an ally
Apply 4 Overburn.png Overburn to front enemy
Card Art
Azul Skull.png

Azul Skull is an item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


The Azul Skull kills an ally to effectively deal 4 damage to the enemy row, via Overburn.png Overburn. This gives it less of an immediate impact than the similar Yeti Skull.png Yeti Skull and Tiger Skull.png Tiger Skull, but it still works as an outlet for sacrificing cards and activating on-sacrifice effects, such as Chikichi.png Chikichi. In an Overburn deck, the Azul Skull's Overburn can be increased by the Azul Candle.png Azul Candle or Vesta.png Vesta. However, the sacrifice requirement causes it to be outclassed by the Beepop Mask.png Beepop Mask in many situations, since Beepop.png Beepop inflicts 4 Overburn but also blocks a hit, while the Azul Skull requires sacrificing a potential blocker.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Azul Skull Kill an ally
Apply 4 Overburn.png Overburn to front enemy
Āsūěr Tóugǔ
Assur Skull 击杀一名友军
对前排敌人施加4 Overburn.png 过载
Āsūěrtóu Gǔ
Assur Skull 擊殺一名隊友
對前方敵人施加4 Overburn.png 超載
Korean 아줄 두개골
Ajul Dugaegol
Azul Skull 하나의 아군을 죽임
앞의 적에게 4 Overburn.png 태워먹기 부여
Japanese 蒼のガイコツ
Ao no Gaikotsu
Blue Skeleton 味方1体を倒す
前列の敵に4 Overburn.png バクハツスンゼンを与える