Scrappy Sword

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Scrappy Sword
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Card Description
A traditional trusty weapon

Scrappy Sword is an item players may begin a run with. It is a starting card in every Snowdweller deck.


The Scrappy Sword is a decent early game weapon, but its usefulness dramatically declines as a run progresses. Charms can help them scale into the late game, but there are too many of them in the starting deck to buff and the Charms may be better off on stronger cards. As such, the best course of action is usually just to dispose of the Scrappy Swords with the Muncher.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Scrappy Sword A traditional trusty weapon
Mósǔn Tiějiàn
Worn Iron Sword 可靠的传统武器
Mósǔn Tiějiàn
Worn Iron Sword 可靠的傳統武器
Korean 무딘 칼
Mudin Kal
Dull Knife 믿음직스러운 전통 무기
Japanese ぼろぼろの剣
Boroborono Tsurugi
Tattered Sword 伝統的なしっかりとした武器