Berry Sis

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Berry Sis
Berry Sis (BloodBoy).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
8 2 3
Other Stats

Card Description
When hit, add lost Health.png Health to a random ally
Card Art
Berry Sis.png

Berry Sis is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Berry Sis is a great front line card, and after taking attacks they boost other Companions' Health.png health, allowing them to trade places on the front line while Berry Sis heals (either by being recalled or healed on the field). With a small number of Companions on the field, it becomes easier to control who receives health when Berry Sis is hit. Paired with healing cards or Charms, Berry Sis can prove a very powerful tank. Additionally, Berry Sis provides extra longevity for Shades by increasing their health, which is extremely valuable for powerful summoned allies like Dregg, Tigris, or Shade Wisp copies.

Note that Berry Sis only adds lost health to another Companion when they are hit. Taking damage from indirect sources such as Shroom.png Shroom or Teeth.png Teeth will not activate their ability.

If Berry Sis is hit by an attack that causes their health to become negative, they still appropriately add the lost health to the random ally. For instance, if they are hit for 50 damage, they will add 50 health to the random ally.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Berry Sis When hit, add lost Health.png Health to a random ally
Méi Jiějie
Sister Berry 受到攻击时,使一名随机友军增加损失的Health.png 生命值
Méi Jiějie
Sister Berry 受到攻擊時,使隨機隊友增加失去的Health.png 血量
Korean 베리 시스
Beri Siseu
Berry Sis 피격 시, 무작위의 아군에게 자신이 잃은 Health.png 체력 추가
Japanese ベリーシス
Berī Shisu
Berry Sis 攻撃された時、ランダムな味方に失ったHealth.png 体力を追加する