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Wildfrost was released on PC and Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2023.


Wildfrost version 1.1.1, the "Teeny Tinkers" update, released on PC on February 20, 2024.[1]

  • Summon cards now show special frames in the Journal based on the card that creates them
  • Noomlin Charm can now be put on cards with Crowns
  • Fixed Gigi's Cookie Box only adding Scrap to a random ally
  • Fixed error when Infernoko with a Trash Charm changes phase due to Bitebox or Teeth
  • Fixed Frenzy Wrench's effect not being boostable
  • Fixed Splinter's effect as a final boss enemy
  • Fixed various Peppernut effects as final boss enemies
  • Fixed Squidskull Charm never appearing
  • Fixed being able to gain multiple Gunk Fruits on controller
  • Fixed Critical sometimes not activating if the card to its right is Consumed
  • Fixed Leech not triggering bosses' 2nd phases


Wildfrost version 1.1.0, the "Storm Bell" update, released on PC on December 11, 2023 and launched on Nintendo Switch on December 18, 2023.

New Features
  • Reduced base game difficulty by removing things like Companion Injuries, while adding that challenge back with the new Storm Bell difficulty system
  • 13 Storm Bells
  • Blingsnail Bell: All shop prices are increased by 5 and Crown prices increase by 10 after each purchase
  • Bell of Death: Companions temporarily become Injured when they die in Battles
  • Titan Bell: Bosses and Minibosses will be upgraded with Charms
  • Swarm Bell: Reduced Enemy Wave Bell counter during Boss Battles
  • Gunk Bell: Gain a Gunk Fruit after each Boss Battle
  • Icebourne Bell: Some enemies in the Ice Caves will be upgraded with Battle Charms
  • Horde Bell: Reduced Enemy Wave Bell counter
  • Gloom Bell: Some card rewards will have Cursed Charms
  • Frostbourne Bell: Some enemies in the Frostlands will be upgraded with Sun Charms
  • Gobbler Bell: Add a Gobbler to each Boss Battle
  • Tyrant Bell: Some Crowns will be Cursed
  • Dread Bell: Some enemies will be upgraded with Charms
  • Blood Bell: Your leader loses half Health before entering the Frostlands
  • Storm Bells have point values. You can pick & choose which Storm Bells you want to enable, but you’ll need to have a certain number of points if you want to face off against the True Final Boss
  • Chiseled & Gold card frames are unlocked when you achieve victories & vanquishes with each card
  • Daily Voyage Bells have been reworked
  • Daily Voyage now also includes random Storm Bells
  • There is now an option to disable the Snow Screen Transition in the settings menu
Card Balance Changes
  • Spice Stones also applies 2 Spice
  • Peppereaper Attack reduced to 1
  • Peppering applies Spice to all allies
  • Spice Sparklers damage boost increased to 3
  • Heartforge applies double Spice
  • Shroominator Scrap increased to 4
  • Vesta gains Barrage
  • Van Jun Health reduced to 4
  • Splinter effect changed to: When deployed, copy the effects of a random enemy in the row
  • Sheepopper damages all allies, not just those in the row
  • Pom
  • Health increased to 7
  • Attack removed
  • Leech take health increased to 3
  • Tigris also gains Teeth when self hit
  • Fallow Health reduced to 6
  • Tiger Skull gives 3 Teeth to allies in row instead of 4 to a random ally
  • Alloy
  • Health reduced to 12
  • Starting Bom reduced to 1
  • Effect changed to: Add Scrap to a Random Ally
  • Biji apply Bom increased to 3
  • Fizzle Health increased to 5
  • Hazeblazer
  • Health increased to 10
  • Counter reduced to 5
  • Gigi's Gizmo gains Draw 2
  • Gigi's Cookie Box effect changed to: Add 1 Scrap to all allies + Consume
  • Supersnower gains Barrage & Snow reduced to 3
  • Frenzy Wrench can target Companions and Clunkers
  • Clockwork Bom increased to 3 Bom
  • Blundertank Scrap increased to 2
  • Tootordion Counter reduced to 3
  • Haze Balloon also double's the attacker's Attack
  • I.C.G.M
  • Effect changed to: Before triggering, gain Frenzy equal to Scrap. Destroy self (this change allows it to work with Frenzy gained from other sources)
  • Scrap reduced to 3
  • Portable Workbench effect changed to: While active, Recycle effects require 1 less Junk
  • Sunglass Chime triggers in between frenzy hits, to make it consistent with other "trigger when" effects
  • Scrap Pile no longer appears for Clunkmasters
  • Bonnie
  • Also Cleanses allies (removes all negative status effects)
  • Health increased to 4
  • Berry Basket heals all allies and also Cleanses
  • Booshu Counter reduced to 5
  • Bombom
  • Damage to self and allies reduced to 5
  • Health reduced to 16
  • Demonheart heal increased to 9
  • Snowcake Snow reduced to 10
  • Berry Blade Attack increased to 4
  • Krono effect changed to: While active, add x1 Frenzy to allies without Crowns
  • Unmovable cards can now be Recalled
  • Spark cards can now be Recalled
  • Veiled Lady Health reduced to 12
  • Shroom Muncher Health reduced to 12
  • Tentickle Ink increased to 3
Charm Balance Changes
  • Cake Charm effect reduced to 4
  • Fury Charm effect increased to 4
  • Cloudberry Charm effect increased to 3
  • Trash Charm
  • also gives Draw 1
  • Changed name to Gear Charm
  • Recycle Charm effect increased to 4
  • Squid Charm effect reduced to 2
  • Scrap Charm no longer appears for Shademancers
  • Frenzy Charm adds x2 Frenzy
  • Peppernut Charm effect changed to: Replace Shell effects with Spice and vice versa
Changes from the beta version
  • 1 new Storm Bell
  • Storm Bells are all unlocked by default, but there is a Storm Point limit which increases after each victory at max points
  • The Storm Bell limit maxes out at 10 Storm Points
  • Each time you win a 10 Storm Point run, you unlock gold frames for the active Storm Bells
  • You can Overcrank the Storm Totem (enable all Storm Bells) once you have unlocked gold frames for ALL Storm Bells
  • Cursed Crowns can be put on any card and reduce health & attack by 1 (if applicable to the card)
  • Frost Junker can no longer get Sun Charm
  • Numskull can no longer get Moko Charm
  • Frost Lancer & Frost Bomber can no longer get Moose Charms
  • Card art for Gobbler & Gunk Fruit
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Snow counting down in hand
  • Fixed Durian Charm removing Snow Resist & Boss 2nd phase
  • Fixed Frostbite Charm removing "Kill an ally" effects
  • Fixed "Add Scrap" cards not working on targets with Ink
  • Fixed issues related to Jumbo with Frenzy
  • Fixed issues related to Jumbo hitting an ally with Smackback


Wildfrost version 1.0.6, the "A Better Adventure", released on PC on August 29, 2023.[2]

New Leader screen
  • Before starting a run, there’s now the option to choose a tribe, then be presented with a choice of 3 leaders from that tribe.
  • Adjusted and added some leader effects
  • Overhauled graphics
New Sun Vault reward after defeating a boss
Choose 2 rewards from a randomized collection of sun bells, charms and a crown.
New Sun Bells
  • Sun Bell of Health - Leader health +6
  • Sun Bell of Time - Enemy Wave Bell Counter +1
  • Sun Bell of Recall - Recalling a Companion will count down the Redraw Bell by 2
  • Sun Bell of Charge - Start each Battle with the Redraw Bell fully Charged
  • Sun Bell of Fellowship companion limit increase to +2
New Enemy wave bell
  • Enemy waves no longer automatically deploy.
  • Wave Bell can be hit to call the next wave of enemies early. This can be useful for setting up bigger combos, hitting more enemies with things like Pombomb, I.C.G.M, keeping ; Shroom on the board with the Fungo Blaster, etc.
Crowns in shops get more expensive each time you buy one
Enemies drop more blings & Kill Combos give less blings
Gnome Traveller event changes
  • Can now contain cards from ALL Tribes
  • Only 2 of the 3 cards from the Gnome Traveller will come with Junk
  • Now shows which cards come with Junk
New Injured Companion event
gain an injured companion from your previous run
Positive effects removed from Frost Bells (this is a temporary change as the next update will include a whole new Frost Bell system)
Unit targets
when hovered over, cards active in battle now show a target of where they would attack. This can be toggled on and off in the settings.
Charm Changes
  • Cards now show which charms they hold when inspected
  • Enemies can no longer hold 2 of the same charm in a battle
  • Added more charm options for enemies
  • Bite Charm now gives 3 Teeth instead of 4
Cards now show a flag of the tribe pool they belong to when inspected
Mega Mimik now only triggers when ally in row attacks
Snobble Health increased from 3 to 5
Peppereaper Spice increased from 3 to 4
Ultrawide screen support (up to 21 by 9 ratio)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Van Jun's useless effect as an enemy
  • Fixed Monch + Soulbound issue
  • Fixed issue with applying zero Haze


Wildfrost version 1.0.5, the "Fixes and Tinkers Update", released on PC on June 5, 2023.[3]

New Features
  • Turn Order Eye Button - When pressed, this button will show the order in which cards in battle will act. This will help new players read the battle order more easily and plan moves accordingly.
  • Improved Tutorial - We’ve extended the tutorial to include the following: moving companions, enemy special attacks, crown interactions and much more. We hope these changes will help onboarding for new players and be a helpful reminder for those who start new save files.
  • 2 New Enemies!
  • Gogong will appear in early battles to teach the player about Smackback and Reaction effects.
  • Minimoko replaces the Makokos in the Infernoko boss battle, to make this battle’s difficulty more in line with the Bamboozle boss battle.
  • Battle-Specific Map Icons - Every battle now features a unique icon and name, allowing you to see which battle you’ll be coming up against, and switch around your Companions and Crowns before the battle to prepare accordingly.
  • Treasure Skip Button - You can now leave a treasure event without taking an item. This has been a highly requested option from players, so it’s now possible in the game (:
Card Balance Changes
  • Hazeblazer: +Health, damages self instead of allies
  • Firefist: +Health & -Counter
  • Mini Mika: +Counter
  • Fizzle: -Health
  • Biji: +Health
  • Devicro: +Health
  • Van Jun: effect changed: Add +2 Attack and +2 Health to all summoned allies
  • Ice Dice: effect changed: Apply 1 Block to a random ally, Apply 1 Block to a random enemy
  • Soulbound Skulls: Add Soulbound to an ally, add Soulbound to a random enemy. Soulbound now only activates on sacrifice
  • Bom Barrel: has Barrage instead of ‘Hits all Enemies’
  • B.I.N.K: effect reduced to 2
  • Krono: effect changed: Only affects crowned allies in the row
  • Krono: Moved to general pool (can be found by all Tribes)
  • Woolly Drek: -Attack
  • Bigfoot: Barrage instead of Aimless, -Health, -Attack
  • Smog: +Counter
  • Ice Forge: effect reduced to 2
  • Spike Wall: -Scrap & -Attack
  • Grumps: -Health
  • Marrow: -Teeth
  • Durian Charm: -Attack
  • Recycle Charm: +Attack, can no longer be put on units
Other Changes
  • Shade Clay no longer copies Crown
  • Improve inconsistencies between Monch & Woolly Drek effect text
  • New Absorb keyword for Woolly Drek to better explain its effect
  • Improved popup text for Counter, Reaction & Snow
  • Improved status effect tooltip text colours
  • Non-target cards (e.g. Pombomb) will show which cards they will hit
  • Final Boss battles have less Teeth
  • Final Boss enemies' stats are boosted less if they have Charms
  • Lowered Ritual challenge requirements
  • Lumin Goop & Broken Vase can now be found in Gnome Traveller & Charm Merchant events
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed being able to use non-Crown cards during Crown phase: This interaction allowed players to draw new cards and play them for free before the battle starts, and was not intended to be a part of the game (sorry, Mini Mika enjoyers...)
  • Fixed Broken Vase or Lumin Goop sometimes not showing up
  • Fixed issues with non-target cards (e.g. Pombomb) not returning to hand properly
  • Fixed Berry Blade not healing sometimes
  • Fixed being unable to recall Ink'd Hogheaded/Spark units
  • Fixed Durian Charm not removing certain effects
  • Fixed Durian Charm removing status effects as well as effects
  • Fixed Japanese translation errors
  • Fixed Faith not working on Shade Wisp & Blank Mask
  • Fixed Vesta taking double damage from Teeth
  • Fixed Bombom instantly taking double damage when gaining Demonize from Gok
  • Fixed issues with reserving duplicate companions
  • Fixed Heartforge effect occurring while in hand
  • Fixed being able to buy duplicate charms from the merchant
  • Fixed Frostbite Shard removing "half health" effect from Frost Guardian


Wildfrost version 1.0.4 released on PC on April 20, 2023.[4]

  • Fixed error caused by pressing ESC while lore page is open
  • Fixed error when multiple Smogs are killed at once
  • Fixed stats page adding double stats from previous run
  • Fixed Trash Charm not being in pool


Wildfrost version 1.0.3 released on the beta branch on PC on April 12, 2023. It was merged into 1.0.4 before release to the public branch.

  • Fixed errors caused by corrupted settings/data files
  • Fixed error from Alloy being in final boss battle
  • Fixed sacrifice error
  • Fixed crowned Recycle cards not being playable
  • Fixed issue with double evil Tinkerson Jr or Van Jun
  • Fixed Grabber being playable on cards in hand
  • Fixed Heartforge not working with max health increases
  • Fixed journal page before final boss sometimes not being clickable
  • Fixed error when evil Splinter copies a Draw effect
  • Updated FMOD version to fix missing audio issue


Wildfrost version 1.0.2 released on PC on April 12, 2023.[5]

  • Updated help text for Daily Voyage
  • Improved background image compression on PC
  • Improved hand overlay image compression on Switch
  • Improved touch screen controls when dragging Charms & Crowns
  • Wallop now deals the additional damage if he himself applies Snow
  • Moko Totem "Destroy Self" text appears below "Trigger" text
  • Mega Mimik "Lose Scrap" text appears below "Trigger" text
  • Steam Achievements
  • Fixed Steam Deck renaming requiring manual keyboard open
  • Fixed Bombskull Bell giving Bombskull Charms to cloned Clunkers
  • Fixed locked map events not appearing in the Daily Voyage
  • Fixed error if enemy has Recycle
  • Fixed joystick scroller error
  • Fixed Frostoscope unlocking if Daily Voyage is the 1st run finished
  • Fixed "Overburn" being listed as "Overload" in stats page
  • Fixed Muncher munching 1st available Sword instead of the one the player chooses
  • Fixed evil companions appearing as injured if the player also has the same companion
  • Fixed Daily Voyage date resetting when quitting & continuing


Wildfrost version 1.0.1 released on PC and Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2023.