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Alloy (Turmeep).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
12 6 5
Other Stats
1 Bom.png Bom
Card Description
Apply 1 Scrap.png Scrap to a random ally

Alloy is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


Clunkers that interact with their Scrap in some way or have effects when hit are the best candidates for Alloy's ability, such as Mega Mimik, Bitebox, I.C.G.M., and Plinker. However, the extra Scrap is always useful for having a Clunker take a hit in place of a Companion.

Although Alloy's base health is respectable, their starting Bom makes their effective health significantly lower. Bonnie and Berry Basket can Cleanse the Bom, although it's likely more worthwhile to just have another defensive Companion to take hits.


  • 1.0: Added. Description read: On kill, apply 1 Scrap.png Scrap to a random ally
  • 1.1.0: Health.png Health reduced from 15 to 12, Starting Bom.png Bom reduced from 2 to 1, Effect changed to: Add Scrap.png Scrap to a random ally