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Weevil (Smosh).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
50 4 4
Other Stats
Card Description
Before attacking, destroy all Items in hand and gain +1 Attack.png Attack for each
Card Art

Weevil is the miniboss that the player encounters in the fight against The Gunk Bugs.

Activating the Titan Bell will cause an upgraded version of it to spawn. Its upgrade is randomly selected from the list:


A single attack from Weevil can drastically alter the course of the fight, depending on what Items it gets to destroy, and how many. Above all else, plan out card plays and Snow.png Snow so that Weevil attacks when as few Items are in hand as possible. Don't delay it for too long, however, as there is no way to pass a turn with an empty hand, forcing the player to hit the Redraw Bell and draw a new hand. Pay attention to any Blaze Beetles.png Blaze Beetles and Gunk Gobbler.png Gunk Gobblers on the field as well, since they will power up when Weevil destroys cards.

Weevil will not destroy Clunkers and Companions in hand, so focus on playing key Items first. It may be worthwhile to let Weevil destroy some less-than-useful Items, as long as the team can handle the extra damage.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Description
English Weevil Before attacking, destroy all Items in hand and gain +1 Attack.png Attack for each
象鼻虫霸 攻击前,摧毁手牌中的所有物品牌,每摧毁一张获得+1 Attack.png 攻击
象鼻蟲霸 攻擊前,摧毀手牌中的所有物品牌,每摧毀一張獲得+1 Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 위이블 공격하기 전에, 패에 있는 모든 아이템을 파괴하고 그 수에 비례해 +1 Attack.png 공격 획득
Japanese ウィーイビル 攻撃前に手持ちのすべてのアイテムを破壊し、+1 Attack.png アタックを得る