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Lump (Lump).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
2 1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
While active, add +1 Attack.png Attack to all allies
Card Art

Lump is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run. It appears in the fight with The Snow Lumps.


Lumps power up all other enemies on the field, which can get out of hand if they are left alive. Since they have just 2 Health.png health, a single Scrappy Sword.png Scrappy Sword or Gearhammer.png Gearhammer can take them out (or a hand with 2 Tar Blade.png Tar Blades), so focus on defeating them before anything else.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Description
English Lump While active, add +1 Attack.png Attack to all allies
块块 在场时,使所有友军增加+1 Attack.png 攻击
塊塊 在場時,使所有隊友增加+1 Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 덩어리 전장에 있는 동안, 모든 아군에게 +1 Attack.png 공격 추가
Japanese ランプ 場にある間、すべての味方に+1 Attack.png アタックを追加する