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Stats are the primary attributes cards have, which are indicated through a variety of icons on the cards.

Primary Stats

A card's primary stats are its most basic attributes, such as how much damage it can give and take.

Icon Name Description
Health.png Health The amount of damage a card can take. A run ends immediately when the Leader's health reaches 0. Additionally, if the Bell of Death is active, a Companion killed in battle will become temporarily injured.
Scrap.png Scrap Clunkers' alternative to health. Counts down by 1 when taking any amount of damage, as long as the damage was 1 or more.
Attack.png Attack How much damage a Companion or Clunker will deal when triggering, or how much damage an Item will deal to its target(s).
Counter.png Counter Reduces by 1 each turn. When it reaches 0, the card will trigger. If a card's Counter reaches 0 through an effect like the Sun Rod, it immediately triggers (before the natural countdown for the turn).
Frenzy.png Frenzy Triggers multiple times consecutively.


Buffs are effects that benefit the affected card in some way. Some of them are temporary, while others last indefinitely.

Icon Name Description Additional
Block.png Block Blocks an entire attack Prevents an instance of nonzero damage, then counts down by 1. Deducted before and separately from Shell and health. Does not prevent debuffs from being inflicted on hit, only the direct attack damage.
Lumin.png Lumin Doubles target's effects Numerical effects on the card (represented with orange numbers) become doubled. If Lumin is applied to a new card, the first one loses it.
Shell.png Shell Blocks damage Deducted before and separately from health. If the card takes more damage than it has Shell, the excess damage is dealt to health.
Resist Snow.png Resist Snow Limits snow that can be applied The card can only ever have 1 Snow applied, and excess Snow is not inflicted. Often seen on bosses or other strong enemies.
Spice.png Spice Temporarily increases attack damage The card's attack is increased by its Spice. Resets to 0 after attacking. A card with Frenzy loses its Spice once all its Frenzy attacks finish.
Teeth.png Teeth Deals damage back to attackers When a card with Teeth is hit, it simultaneously deals damage to the attacker equal to its Teeth.


Debuffs are the opposite of buffs and negatively affect a card in some way. Like buffs, certain debuffs are temporary while others are persistent.

Icon Name Description Additional Info
Bom.png Bom Take additional damage from all sources When the card would take damage from any source (even when hit by a card with 0 attack), the damage is increased by its Bom. Does not count down.
Demonize.png Demonize Doubles damage taken The next time the card takes at least 1 damage from any source, that damage becomes doubled and its Demonize counts down by 1. Applied after the damage increase from Bom.
Frost.png Frost Reduce the next attack's damage The card's attack is reduced by its Frost. Resets to 0 after attacking. A card with Frenzy loses its Frost once all its Frenzy attacks finish.
Haze.png Haze Attack your own team When the card attacks, it attacks a random other card on its own team and its Haze counts down by 1.
Ink.png Ink Silences modifiers Temporarily disables a card's effects (as though its text were blank). Counts down by 1 at the end of each turn.
Overburn.png Overburn Explodes when greater than or equal to the remaining health of the card When a card's Overburn is greater than or equal to its current health, it immediately explodes and deals damage to itself and its allies in the row. The damage dealt is equal to the Overburn count.
Shroom.png Shroom Deals damage over time At the end of each turn, the card takes damage equal its Shroom, then its Shroom counts down by 1.
Snow.png Snow Freezes counter & reactions The card's Counter cannot count down by any means and its Reaction(s) cannot trigger. Counts down by 1 at the end of each turn. Other effects when hit, such as Teeth, will still apply.


A keyword is a special ability word that condenses a longer effect into a single concise word, simplifying card descriptions. Keywords are highlighted in orange in a card's text, and their condensed abilities are fully described when examining the card. Some keywords also have a numerical component, indicated here with an arbitrary X.

Name Description
Absorb Gain another card's link=attack} attack, link=health} health, abilities, and status effects.
Aimless Hit a random card in the opposing row, instead of the front card. When applied by another card in play, it overrides Barrage and Longshot.
Barrage Hits all targets in the opposing row simultaneously, instead of just the first. When applied by another card in play, it overrides Aimless and Longshot.
Cleanse Removes all debuffs.
Consume The card is destroyed when played and can't be used for the rest of the battle.
Critical Doubles the card's effects if it is the rightmost card in hand.
Draw X The player draws X cards. If there are not enough cards in the deck, the player draws as many cards as possible, shuffles their discard pile, and draws the remainder.
Explode X When the card is destroyed, it simultaneously deals X damage to all enemies in the row.
Faith X When the card summons a card, that summoned card gains X link=attack} attack and link=health} health.
Fury X As long as the card has no other allied cards in its row, it gains X link=attack} attack.
Greed When the card attacks, it deals 1 additional damage for each 50 the player has.
Hogheaded The card cannot be recalled to the discard deck and healed.
Longshot Hits the furthest enemy in the row, instead of the closest. Overwritten by Barrage and Aimless.
Noomlin The card does not end the turn when played and has a Noomlin hanging off it.
Recycle X The player can only play the card if they have at least X Junk in hand. That many Junk cards are then destroyed from right to left.
Sacrificed Refers to a card killed by its own team. Can be seen as an activation condition in a card description. A card that is sacrificed displays a skull icon when killed.
Smackback When hit by another card on the field, the card immediately triggers against its attacker (if the damaged card has no link=attack} attack stat, it still uses its effects). Disabled while the card has link=Snow} Snow.
Soulbound Applied in pairs. When a card with Soulbound is sacrificed, all other Soulbound cards simultaneously take 100 damage.
Spark The card immediately triggers when deployed, before the natural turn countdown.
Summoned Indicates that the card was summoned by another card. The card cannot be recalled. When the card triggers, it loses 1 link=Health} Health at the end of the turn.
Trash X Adds X Junk to the left of the player's hand.
Unmovable The card cannot be moved around on the field, but can still be recalled.
Wild The card gains 1 link=Frenzy} Frenzy when another card with Wild is destroyed (even if that card was an enemy).
Yank Pulls the targeted card to the front of the row.

Special Keywords

Rather than change how the card plays, these reflect the current status of a card.

Name Description
Injured Companion become injured if destroyed while the Bell of Death is active. An injured card starts with its link=health} health and link=attack} attack halved, rounded up. The card will heal completely after surviving a battle (whether the card is played or not); if destroyed again, it will simply remain injured.

Hidden Keywords

These explain how certain effects will activate, and only show its description upon inspecting the card.

Name Description
Active A card is considered active while it is on the field.
Healed A card is healed when its link=health} health is restored or when its maximum health is increased.
Hit "On hit" effects occur when one card or Item attacks another, even if they don't deal any damage. All cards that have link=Attack} Attack icons will attack and "hit" their targets. Damage dealt by status effects do not count as hits.