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Attack.png Attack is a stat most cards have. It shows how much damage the card will deal when it attacks another card, or if it is an Item, how much damage it will deal to its target(s).

Information and Strategy

If a Companion or Clunker has an Attack.png attack icon, it will attack the front card in the enemy row when triggered by its Counter.png Counter reaching 0, its Reaction.png Reaction, or by some other method. If that enemy row is empty, the card attacks the front card in the other enemy row. If the card has 0 attack, it will still attack and hit the enemy, but it will deal no damage. If the card has no attack icon at all, it will not attack when triggering and will simply use its effects (if any). The same goes for Items; an Item with an attack icon will deal damage to its targeted card(s), even if its attack is 0, but an Item with no attack icon does not hit its target. This is important because of certain Reactions and effects that activate when a card is hit by another, and the Bom.png Bom debuff. Some Companions like Fungun, Shen, and Biji increase their effects for each time they are hit, while effects like the Heartmist Station and Teeth.png Teeth only work when a card is hit. Taking damage from a source that is not an attacking card or an Item with an attack icon (such as by Shroom.png Shroom) does not count as hitting the card.

The Spice.png Spice and Frost.png Frost statuses temporarily modify a card's attack, with Spice increasing it and Frost reducing it. These are summed together with the card's current attack; for instance, a card with 3 attack, 10 Spice, and 5 Frost will have a net attack of 8. Both of these are removed once the card triggers, and if the card has Frenzy.png Frenzy these attack modifications are not removed until all the Frenzy attacks finish. A card's attack can also be negative if reduced sufficiently by Frost or other factors. It will still deal 0 damage, but it will require additional damage buffs to reach a point where it can deal damage again. For instance, a card with 1 attack and 5 Frost has an effective attack of -4. If that card hits an enemy that has 3 Bom, it will deal -1 damage (which becomes 0 damage).

Charms can modify a card's base attack value, such as the Battle Charm granting 2 extra attack unconditionally. Notably, the Moko Charm and Pomegranate Charm reduce a card's base attack by 1 or 2, respectively. As such, they cannot be attached to a card that has no attack icon, or a card whose attack is low enough that it would become lower than 0 (for instance, the Pomegranate Charm cannot be attached to Yuki or the Azul Candle, as these cards have 1 base attack.).

While the Tyrant Bell is active, some Crowns are replaced by Cursed Crowns. These cannot be removed from a card once attached, and uniquely reduce the card's Health.png health and attack by 1 each if possible, to a minimum of 1 health and 0 attack. This means that a Cursed Crown can be placed on a card with 1 health and its health will stay at 1 (instead of becoming 0), and it can be placed on a card with 0 attack and its attack will stay at 0 (instead of becoming -1). A Cursed Crown can also be placed on a card with no attack and/or no health.

Combat-Related Interactions

A card will always use its effects after it attacks, unless otherwise specified (for instance, Monch eats allies in the row before attacking). If a card is killed at the same time it deals damage, it will not be able to activate its effects. For instance, if Booshu attacks an enemy with Teeth and dies from the Teeth damage, it will not heal its allies. However, effects are used before Reactions trigger, so if Booshu attacks a Spike Wall, it will heal its allies before the Spike Wall's Smackback triggers.

Some abilities modify how a card may target other cards for attacks. The Aimless ability makes the card randomly hit a card in the enemy row, instead of the front card; the Barrage ability makes it hit all enemy cards in the row simultaneously; and the Longshot ability makes the card hit the card in the back of the enemy row, instead of the front. These abilities are all mutually exclusive, and whichever was most recently gained or applied takes precedence. Additionally, the Haze.png Haze debuff causes the card to attack a random ally on its team instead of the proper enemy target.

Certain Charms can grant an attack stat of 0 to cards that have no attack stat, such as Bonnie. These Charms are the Hook Charm and all Charms that cause the card to inflict debuffs, such as the Snowball Charm and Truffle Charm. Once the card has gained an attack stat, its attack can be modified like any other card.

Some effects activate whenever the card destroys another, activating "on kill." The most common way to activate an on-kill effect is to attack another card and kill it with the damage, but indirect sources like Teeth, Shroom.png Shroom, and Overburn.png Overburn also count. Whichever card most recently inflicted the Shroom or Overburn is credited for the kill (or, in the case of Overburn, whichever card most recently caused the enemy's health to become less than its Overburn). Additionally, enemies killed by the splash damage from Overburn are also credited to whatever card caused the explosion. However, if a card is only able to destroy another because that card had Demonize.png Demonize or Bom, the card that inflicted the Demonize or Bom is not credited for the kill, only the card that dealt the damage.

Similarly, if a card has an effect "when destroyed" and cares about its attacker (such as Beepop inflicting Overburn on the card that destroys it or Shelly giving Shell.png Shell to cards that get kills), whoever most recently did something to cause the card to be destroyed counts as its attacker. A card with Teeth can also count as an attacker in this context if it is attacked by another card that dies due to the Teeth damage.

Cards and effects that interact with Attack

Cards and Charms that modify other cards' attack Cards that modify their own attack Enemy cards that modify attack