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Other Stats
Card Description
While active, add to all enemies

Pom is a Shade summoned with the Pom Mask.


Unlike most Shades, Pom is summoned as an enemy. Thus, the player's cards are the ones that will gain Barrage, since they are Pom's enemies. Gaining Barrage on all cards is a powerful effect, but it also means that Pom will always be vulnerable to damage no matter where it is summoned. Try to focus on taking out the row that Pom is not in, to get the most mileage out of it before it is inevitably destroyed.

Like all Shades summoned to the enemy field, Pom can be used to delay enemy reinforcements by taking up an otherwise-available space on the field.


Pom may have a connection to the Pomegranate Charm and Pombomb, as they are all pomegranate-themed and revolve around attacking multiple enemies at once.