Haze Balloon

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Haze Balloon
Haze Balloon (Vimifier).png
Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats

Card Description
When destroyed, apply 1 Haze.png Haze to the attacker and double their Attack.png Attack
Card Art
Haze Balloon.png

Haze Balloon is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


In addition to blocking a hit, the Haze Balloon inflicts Haze.png Haze on the attacker, causing them to hit one of their allies on their next attack. However, the Haze Balloon also doubles the attacker's Attack.png attack stat, which can be a double-edged sword. The enemy will deal far more damage to its ally, but if its attack is too high, the player must quickly take it out afterwards or else it will be even more dangerous than before.

Boosting the Haze Balloon's effect with the Lumin Ring.pngLumin Ring or Lumin.png Lumin makes it significantly more effective, forcing the affected enemy to waste multiple powerful attacks on its allies.


If an enemy's attack has become negative due to Frost.png Frost or other factors, the Haze Balloon will double their negative attack and make it even lower. However, it is not possible for an enemy with negative attack to destroy the Haze Balloon unless the Haze Balloon has Bom.png Bom or the enemy kills it with indirect damage, such as Shroom.png Shroom or Overburn.png Overburn.


  • 1.0: Added. Description read: When destroyed, apply 1 Haze.png Haze to the attacker
  • 1.1.0: Now also doubles the attacker's Attack.png Attack

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Haze Balloon When destroyed, apply 1 Haze.png Haze to the attacker and double their Attack.png Attack
Míwù Qìqiú
Mist Balloon 被摧毁时,对攻击者施加1 Haze.png 迷雾并使他们的Attack.png 攻击翻倍
Míwù Qìqiú
Mist Balloon 被摧毀時,對攻擊者施加1 Haze.png 霧霾並使他們的Attack.png 攻擊翻倍
Korean 안개 풍선
Angae Pungseon
Fog Balloon 파괴 시, 공격자에게 1 Haze.png 안개 부여, 공격자의 Attack.png 공격을 2배로 늘림
Japanese ヘイズバルーン
Haze Balloon 壊れた時に、攻撃者に1 Haze.png コンランを与えてそのAttack.png アタックを倍にする