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Gachapomper (PomDispenser).png
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Other Stats

Card Description
While active, add to allies in the row

Gachapomper is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run. This card is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


Gachapomper's strength is helping cards hit an entire row. With heavy hitting Companions on the board, it can help clear damaged foes and farther-back enemies. It can also help apply effects to an entire row, which can be equally as devastating with debuffs like Bom or Shroom.

Notably, Barrage and Aimless are mutually exclusive, so the Gachapomper will cause allies with Aimless to lose it and have it overwritten by Barrage. When both Gachapomper and Smog are active, the effect that was applied last will override the other. Even after Smog enters the field and nullifies Gachapomper's effect, one can just move the Gachapomper between rows, and its effect will return and override Smog's.