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Companions are cards that assist the player in battle, protecting their Leader and attacking enemies or using beneficial effects. These cards are defined by their link=health} health and link=Counter} Counter, which is how many turns it takes before they trigger.

Unlike Items, Companions are played to the field and remain there after being played. They can be deployed to any unoccupied zone on the player's field, and the player can freely move them around during their turn. Companions can also be freely recalled to the discard pile, which removes all their debuffs and restores a flat 5 health. Once a recalled Companion is drawn again, they can be redeployed.

Most Companions are recruited by finding them as Frozen Travellers during a run. The player frees 3 different Companions from their icy prison, upon which they must recruit 1 of them. This does not impact the cards that may be found later on. Although the player is forced to accept a Companion, they can immediately remove them from the team if they do not like the new recruit.


Pets are Companions that the player may bring with them to start a run. They generally do not scale well into the late game unless buffed in some way, and they instead exist to make the early game easier until the player can gather a team of reliable Companions. Snoof is the first pet that is available when the Pet House is unlocked, and the other pets may be unlocked in sequence by completing special tasks. Once the player has unlocked at least two pets, they will choose a pet to start with after choosing a Leader.

Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description Challenge
Snoof 3 3 3 Apply 1 link=Snow} Snow Unlocked by default.
Booshu 4 3 5 Restore 3 link=Health} Health to all allies Recall 3 Companions
Loki 5 2 3 Apply 1 link=Demonize} Demonize
Kill 3 link=Demonize} Demonized enemies
Sneezle 6 2 3 1 when hit Buy 5 discounted Items
Spike 8 2 link=Teeth} Teeth Kill 10 enemies with link=Teeth} Teeth
Lil Gazi.png
Lil' Gazi 3 4 4 While active, add +1 link=Attack} Attack to all allies Achieve a 6x kill combo

List of Companions

Companions that have no link=attack} attack icon will not count as hitting anything when triggering, while those with an attack stat (even an attack of 0) will count as hitting a target. This is important because some enemies and statuses interact when cards hit each other.

Companions that have link=Reaction} Reactions have orange ability text, indicating under what condition(s) their Reactions trigger. Any other abilities they have are written normally.

Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description Tribe-exclusive?
Alloy 12 6 5 1 link=Bom} Bom Apply 1 link=Scrap} Scrap to a random ally Clunkmasters
Berry Sis.png
Berry Sis 8 2 3 When hit, add lost link=Health} Health to a random ally Shademancers
Big Berry.png
Big Berry 10 5 4 On kill, restore 2 link=Health} Health to self and allies in the row All
Biji 8 0 4 Apply 3 link=Bom} Bom
Increase by 1 when hit
Blunky 1 1 2 When deployed, gain 1 link=Block} Block All
Bombom 15 7 4 Deal 5 damage to self and allies in the row
Bonnie 4 4 Restore 2 link=Health} Health and all allies All
Chikichi 2 2 3 When , summon Chikani Shademancers
Chompom 3 1 3 3 link=Shell} Shell Deal additional damage equal to link=Shell} Shell Snowdwellers
Devicro 6 2 4 When an ally is , gain their link=Attack} Attack Shademancers
Dimona 6 0 3 Apply 1 link=Demonize} Demonize All
Egg 8 When destroyed, summon Dregg Shademancers
Firefist 12 2 5 When link=Health} Health lost, gain equal link=Spice} Spice Snowdwellers
Fizzle 5 0 4 x3 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Apply 1 link=Bom} Bom Clunkmasters
Folby 12 3 4 1 when hit Clunkmasters
Foxee 4 1 3 x3 link=Frenzy} Frenzy All
Fungun 10 0 5 Apply 2 link=Shroom} Shroom
Increase by 1 when hit
Groff 5 5 x2 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Trigger when an ally is Shademancers
Hazeblazer 10 0 5 Apply 1 link=Haze} Haze
Deal 3 damage to self
Jumbo 13 1 3 Also hits ally behind
Kernel 8 3 4 When hit, apply 3 link=Shell} Shell to ally behind Snowdwellers
Kreggo 7 0 5 When a card is destroyed, gain +1 link=Attack} Attack Clunkmasters
Lil Berry.png
Lil' Berry 8 2 4 When healed, gain +2 link=Attack} Attack Snowdwellers
Mini Mika.png
Mini Mika 8 2 5 When hit with Junk, gain x1 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Clunkmasters
Monch 6 2 4 Before attacking, eat allies in the row, absorbing their link=Attack} Attack and link=Health} Health Shademancers
Naked Gnome.png
Naked Gnome 1 1 2 All
Nom & Stompy.png
Nom & Stompy 10 10 10 When a card is destroyed, count down link=Counter} Counter by 1 Clunkmasters
Pootie 1 1 3 When destroyed, add x1 link=Frenzy} Frenzy to a random ally Snowdwellers
Pyra 8 5 Apply 6 link=Spice} Spice to ally ahead Snowdwellers
Scaven 8 5 3 1 Clunkmasters
Shelly 4 1 3 When an enemy is killed, apply 3 link=Shell} Shell to the attacker Snowdwellers
Shen 6 0 4 Apply 1 link=Overburn} Overburn
Increase by 1 when hit
Snobble 5 2 4 Apply link=Snow} Snow equal to damage dealt All
Snoffel 4 4 Apply 1 link=Snow} Snow to all enemies All
Splinter 4 4 4 When deployed, copy the effects of a random enemy in the row Shademancers
Taiga 8 4 2 link=Teeth} Teeth Gain 2 link=Teeth} Teeth Shademancers
Tinkerson Jr.png
Tinkerson Jr 8 2 3 While active, add link=Attack} Attack to all Junk in your hand Clunkmasters
Tiny Tyko.png
Tiny Tyko 2 1 4 x2 link=Frenzy} Frenzy When hit, gain x1 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Snowdwellers
Tusk 5 2 5 While active, add 3 link=Teeth} Teeth to all allies Shademancers
Van Jun.png
Van Jun 4 4 Add +2 link=Attack} Attack and +2 link=Health} Health to all allies Shademancers
Vesta 8 0 4 Double the target's link=Overburn} Overburn
Wallop 9 4 4 Deal 8 additional damage to link=Snow} Snow'd targets Snowdwellers
Wort 6 0 3 x2 link=Frenzy} Frenzy Apply 2 link=Shroom} Shroom
Yuki 1 1 4 Whenever anything is link=Snow} Snow'd, gain equal link=Attack} Attack Snowdwellers