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2 2 3
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Card Description
When , summon Chikani

Chikichi is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.

Whenever Chikichi is sacrificed, it summons a slightly stronger Shade in its place. When that Shade is sacrificed, it summons an even stronger Shade. The chain culminates in the five-headed Chikagoru, whose link=attack} attack and link=health} health are 5 times greater than Chikichi's.

The stages of Chikichi includes the following:

  1. Chikichi, a 2/2
  2. Chikani, a 4/4
  3. Chikasan, a 6/6
  4. Chikashi, an 8/8
  5. Chikagoru, a 10/10


Any sacrifice-focused deck cannot ignore Chikichi. Although their stats are weak, their strength lies in all the stronger Shades they can summon. However, this also means Chikichi needs protection, as it and its Shades will only summon the next if they are sacrificed by an Item or allied Companion; if one of them is killed by an enemy or non-allied source of damage, the chain breaks. The player shouldn't be too hasty with sacrificing each of them, though, as each summoned Shade will have full health (and more base health than the last), so having them block a couple hits before being sacrificed can get even more value.

If the Bell of Death is active, Chikichi will almost always be injured and have 1 health and attack. This makes them even more fragile, although this does make them easier to sacrifice as well.

Since Chikichi itself is a weak card and its Shades are its power, almost no Charms are useful for it. Even the summon-focused link=Lamb Charm} Lamb Charm is unhelpful, as only Chikichi will gain Faith and thus only Chikani will be boosted.


Each stage's name is based on the Japanese words for the number of heads that they have: Chikichi (いち ichi), Chikani (に ni), Chikasan (さん san), Chikashi (し shi) and Chikagoru (ご go).