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Tigris (Tigris).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter

Other Stats
Card Description
Gain 1 Teeth.png Teeth when hit, or an ally is hit
Card Art

Tigris is a Shade summoned with the Tigris Mask.png Tigris Mask.


Tigris occupies a similar role to the Bitebox.png Bitebox: a card that can block a heavy blow and deal significant damage back to the attacker. However, while the Bitebox just deals equal damage to its attacker, Tigris's damage scales with how many times the player's cards are hit. As a result, Tigris takes time to build up to high Teeth.png Teeth, but since it has Health.png health and not Scrap.png Scrap, it may be able to take multiple hits (particularly with defensive strategies like healing and Frost.png Frost). Even if a deck can't maximize Tigris's potential, it can at least block a threatening attack and deal chip damage.

Remember that any Item that has an Attack.png attack value (even if 0) counts as hitting its target. This means that using cards like Sunburst Tootoo.png Sunburst Tootoo and Skullmist Tea.png Skullmist Tea do hit allied cards and will grant Tigris extra Teeth. If allies have enough health, smacking them around with the Slapcrackers.png Slapcrackers can power up Tigris quickly.

Like other Teeth cards, Tigris pairs fantastically with the Totem of the Goat.png Totem of the Goat, especially since Tigris has the potential to reach extremely high stacks of Teeth.

Lupa.png Lupa combos extremely well with Tigris, as Lupa being hit boosts Tigris's effect while also activating it to give it more Teeth.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Tigris Gain 1 Teeth.png Teeth when hit, or an ally is hit
Tegus 自己或友军受到攻击时,获得1 Teeth.png 利齿
Tegus 自己或隊友受到攻擊時,獲得1 Teeth.png 利齒
Korean 티그리스
Tigris 자신 또는 아군 피격 시 1 Teeth.png 이빨 획득
Japanese ティグリス
Tigris 攻撃した時、または味方が攻撃を受けた時に1 Teeth.png カミツキを得る