Wild Snoolf

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Wild Snoolf
Wild Snoolf Card.png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
4 1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
Apply 2 Snow.png Snow
Card Art
Wild Snoolf.png

Wild Snoolf is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run. It appears in the fight with The Bog Berries, The Pengoons, The Snowbo Squad, The Snow Lumps, and Bamboozle.


Wild Snoolves deal weak damage but inflict Snow.png Snow on their targets. Their Health.png health is low enough that Items can take them out quickly, so defeat them before they can slow down the deck's tempo too much.


  • Wild Snoolves are one of only two enemies that can appear in every possible first fight of a run, the other being Gogong.png Gogong.
  • It is possible that Snoof.png Snoof is a domesticated Wild Snoolf.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Wild Snoolf Apply 2 Snow.png Snow
Xuěkùn Láng
Snowbound Wolf 施加2 Snow.png 雪球
Xuě Kùn Láng
Wolf Trapped In Snow 施加2 Snow.png 冰雪
Korean 야생 스노울프
Yasaeng Seunoulpeu
Wild Snowwolf 2 Snow.png 눈 효과 부여
Japanese ワイルド・スノーウルフ
Wild Snowwolf 2 Snow.png スノーを与える