Heartmist Station

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Heartmist Station
Heartmist Station (HeartmistStation).png
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Other Stats

Card Description
When an ally is hit, restore their link=Health} Health by 1

Heartmist Station is a Clunker that can be obtained in a run.


The Heartmist Station effectively reduces all incoming damage by 1, except for Companions already at 1 health. This may not seem like a significant amount, but it quickly adds up over the course of a fight and can greatly improve a team's longevity, particularly against enemies that deal low or moderate damage.

Lil' Berry gets incredible value from the Heartmist Station, gaining attack any time they are hit. This can cause them to quickly swell to monstrous strength.

The Heartmist Station is also specifically notable in the battle with The Wild Hogs, as the fight revolves around enemies with low damage but high Frenzy. It completely negates all damage dealt by the Hogs and significantly reduces Razor's damage, making the fight dramatically easier.