Maw Jaw

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Maw Jaw
Maw Jaw (Toothless).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
30 5 4
Other Stats
Card Description
Trigger when hit
Card Art
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Maw Jaw is the miniboss that the player encounters in the fight against The Toothy Shades.

Activating the Titan Bell will cause an upgraded version of it to spawn. Its upgrade is randomly selected from the list:


Maw Jaw has a respectable Attack.png attack stat that becomes much more threatening due to its Reaction.png Reaction, causing it to trigger whenever hit by anything (an attack or an Item). This ability differs from Smackback in a few critical ways. Maw Jaw will not trigger specifically against a card on the field that attacks it (instead attacking normally and hitting the front card in its row), but it also triggers when hit by Items, which Smackback does not. Like all Reactions, Maw Jaw's Reaction can be negated by inflicting Snow.png Snow or Ink.png Ink, allowing these decks to mostly trivialize the fight. If there isn't a lot of Snow or Ink available, time it carefully to get the most attacks on Maw Jaw possible. Maw Jaw also still has a normal Counter.png Counter and attacks as time passes, even if not hit. Snow prevents its Counter from counting down, but Ink does not.


  • Maw Jaw is one of only three cards that naturally have both a Counter and a Reaction, the others being Nova.png Nova and Warthog.png Warthog. Certain Leaders also may have a Counter and Reaction, but they are rare.
  • Maw Jaw has the same Reaction as Knuckles.png Knuckles.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Maw Jaw Trigger when hit
Bào Miāo Miāo
Leopard Meow 受到攻击时,触发
Bào Miāo Miāo
Leopard Meow 受到攻擊時,觸發
Korean 마우 죠
Mau Jyo
Maw Jaw 피격 시 발동
Japanese モージョー
Maw Jaw 攻撃された時に発動する